Weber’s energy brings excitement to workplace


by Kelly Drobac

Erin Weber is usually the face greeting students when they walk into the Student Development office in Brenton Student Center.

Weber’s job is to work at the main desk, where she does a variety of things, such as writing out doctor’s slips when a student needs to see a doctor in town. She also is available to answer any questions students might have and points them in the right direction.

“I create student and staff IDs. I also help students with questions and concerns and direct them to the appropriate person in our department,” Weber said. “I work with a variety of departments in our office and supervise the work-study students that work in the Student Development office.”

Weber has been working at Simpson for almost three years.

“I just saw the opening for my position advertised in the newspaper and it looked good, so I applied,” Weber said.

Before working at Simpson, she worked for the Indianola School District as a teacher associate and for the school’s talented and gifted program. She also worked in the accounting office, did the payroll and was a customer-service manager.

“I chose to work at Simpson because they have a good reputation and I wanted a job that was close to home and flexible for my family,” Weber said.

Sophomore Ashley Hopp has worked with Erin for almost two years.

“I take over Erin’s job when she goes home for the day,” Hopp said. “Basically, whatever Erin needs me to do, I do it.”

Hopp said Weber keeps everything in order and makes sure the students are continually working.

“Erin is very energetic and likes working with the students,” Hopp said. “She likes to talk with us and enjoys hearing whatever we have to say.”

Not only does Weber work at Simpson, she is also involved with some of the activities the college has to offer.

“I enjoy playing tennis, racquetball, reading whenever I have the spare time and following along with my 12-year-old daughter’s activities,” Weber said. “I also participate with Campus Day and attend some sporting events.”

Weber has also participated with the campus knitting group, Knit Wits.

“I had no idea how to even knit when I joined, but I learned how to knit my first scarf and it was a good experience,” Weber said. “I was able to knit two scarves in the one semester I joined in with the knitting club. It was a really fun experience and I was able to meet lots of cool students and they were also very helpful.”

Weber enjoys many things about her job.

“I like interacting with all of the different people and keeping busy with my job,” Weber said. “I like the variety of assignments that I’m able to work on; my job is never boring because I have a variety of tasks to complete. I just love to stay busy and keep working on different projects.”

Office Manager Julie Miller has worked with Weber in the Office of Student Development for three years.

“Erin is fantastic,” Miller said. “She has a lot of energy, she is very positive and is upbeat. She gets along with everybody and she is able to get students, even some of the more quiet students, to open up to her.”

Miller said Weber’s ability to relate to people aids in her job.

“She has the ability to relate to people and that is why everyone enjoys working with her,” Miller said.

Junior Ashley Gress has been working with Weber since her freshman year.

“Erin definitely is able to bring out a good work atmosphere for whoever works with her,” Gress said. “She is always willing to help and she makes it fun to work there and with her.”