Our View ?” All College Sing

by Editors

All College Sing enjoyed decent attendance and participation by students, despite the long-standing tradition’s three year hiatus.

However, maybe more students would form groups and participate if they had a shot at winning. With entries from Mu Phi Epsilon, a women’s honorary music fraternity, and other groups composed of music majors and those heavily involved in music like Lambda Chi Alpha, what was the point for the other groups?

Entries like: Apartment Community Advisers, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Barker/Kresge Halls, Student Government Association and Delta Delta Delta didn’t have much of a chance.

Granted, the Apartment CA group won the mixed competition, the category without music groups in them. But, if Simpson wants to resurrect this tradition, that has struggled as of late, it needs to make the event more non-musician friendly. Attendance and participation aren’t going to spectacular if the groups don’t have realistic chances of winning a category.

Also, if more groups have a chance of winning, more roommates, friends, significant others will come and root for their favorite entries.

If Simpson wants to increase the participation and attendance at All College Sing, the event should have separate divisions for music groups. Keep divisions for men, women and mixed groups. This will allow a fair and balanced line-up that makes the event much more competitive and interesting.

The policy should be similar to intramurals – you can’t compete, unless we put you in a separate division.

This separation would also allow for direct competition between the music groups, would could make for an interesting rivalry for them and the audience.

Change the event to this format, and more students may participate and attend.