For love of the game

For love of the game

by Kelli Herzberg

Senior Ross Anderson loves everything about the game of baseball. From playing on the field to the guys on the team, Anderson heads into his final season loving every minute.

As of April 13, Anderson has recorded 10 runs, 25 hits, and seven RBIs. Baseball Coach John Sirianni knows that Anderson is a strength on both sides of the ball.

“He has turned into our leading hitter and obviously that’s a big deal,” Sirianni said. “He’s made himself into an outstanding outfielder. So on both sides of the ball, he is a major factor offensively, from a hitting stand point and running the bases, and defensively.”

Anderson’s ability, especially offensively, has really helped the team out so far this year.

“Right now, I am batting lead off and my job is basically to get on base any way I can, whether it is to walk or get a hit or whatever,” Anderson said. “Usually I just try to use my speed to be a good base runner and just hope that the guys behind me will hit me in.”

His team members agree that his greatest contribution to the team is his ability to hit the ball.

“It’s his ability to step up,” senior Chris Cyronek said. “He’s a team leader. He gets it done when it needs to be done.”

Sirianni contributes Anderson’s skills to the way he has improved during his four years with the Storm.

“He is a really, really good athlete,” Sirianni said. “His athletic abilities are exceptional and he is a heck of a competitor. He’s improved all the way across – consistency, confidence as much as anything. He’s gotten stronger and improved some technique stuff but most of it is that he’s matured, gained a lot of confidence and I think he feels good about the way he’s playing. We feel good about the way he’s playing.”

Senior catcher Jon Clanton agrees that Anderson’s combination of skills on the field and upbeat personality really contribute to the team.

“His positive attitude and the way he’s swinging the bat this year really helps the team out,” Clanton said. “He is somebody you can always rely on. He is always relaxed and always has fun playing the game.”

Anderson, who plays right field, says that his favorite part of playing the game is the team itself.

“I like hanging out with the guys,” Anderson said. “I’m friends with everybody. We all hang out outside of practice and stuff like that. I just love the game, love playing. I’m kind of sad this is my last year but I’ve had a good career. I love everything about it.”

Anderson is not the only one sad about this being his final season.

“He’s a great kid,” Sirianni said. “We’re really glad he’s part of the program.”