Going for bronze


by Kelly Drobac

Many students tan for a variety of reasons, while others choose not to for their own reasons. Going tanning and being tan has much to do with appearance and looking good, but it can also help in getting a base color, which prevents getting burned so easily.

Obtaining that golden color can take on many forms. A student can visit the local tanning beds, either the lay-down beds or stand-up ones, purchase sunless tanners, get the spray-on tan or just simply lay out in the sun on a nice day. When going tanning, students should always be sure take precautions.

Nurse Michelle Cross said whenever you tan, there is some damage done to your skin, but getting burned is worse.

“Burning is the most damaging to your skin,” Cross said. “It’s better to go and get a base tan than to just get burned like a lobster. Burning like this can definitely do long term damage to your skin.”

Cross said some people will tan, or burn, easier than others and that just depends on their skin tone.

“The tanning places usually work very well with the person to help them get tan and not burn,” Cross said. “They keep track of how many minutes a person has gone and they also offer tanning accelerator lotions to help get your skin tan. This accelerator also helps the tan last so you won’t burn the next time you go.”

Cross said there were other helpful steps students can take when they go tanning.

“Wear the goggles in the tanning beds to protect your eyes and, of course, wear sunscreen and re-apply when outside in the sun,” Cross said.

There are many reasons why some students tan and others don’t.

Junior Alison Zimmer said she doesn’t tan because tanning isn’t a priority in her life.

“As fun as the UV lights are, I care to pass on tanning,” Zimmer said. “I don’t really care that I’m pale, I burn easily and I just choose not to tan.”

Senior Megan Cecil chooses not to tan either.

“I don’t tan because I don’t want to,” Cecil said. “Tanning costs a lot of money that I can spend on other things besides going tanning. Plus, my mom has problems with skin cancer and I just don’t want to deal with it, so I don’t tan.”

Sophomore Maddie Rust enjoys the benefits of being tan.

“I tan because I look better and it makes me happy,” Rust said. “I tanned every other day, but now that it’s getting nice outside, I can just lay out for free. I don’t like the process of tanning, but I like the results because I get tan and it makes me feel better when I’m tan.”

Senior Megan Fick said one reason she’s tanning is to prepare for her May Term trip.

“I’m actually going tanning for my May Term trip because I’m going to Greece and I don’t want to burn,” Fick said. “I tan because I think I look pasty if I don’t. I used to go every other day, but because I’m getting busier now, I’m down to about twice a week.”

Cross said many people tan before a vacation so they don’t get burnt and have it ruin their vacation.

“Getting fried is the worst thing you can do,” Cross said. “You can end up miserable if you don’t tan before going on a vacation. You don’t want to avoid the sun completely. Just use common sense, like everything else in life, and tan in moderation.”