Numerous intramural games, events scheduled for May Term


by Derek Hannah

It is that time of year again. With finals coming quickly, students are eagerly awaiting the end of the semester and the start of one of Simpson’s claims to fame – May Term. There are a number of things students enjoy about May Term, but intramural sports and games are certainly among the most popular. With an expansive amount of events on the docket, students will have the opportunity to put down their pens and papers and pick up a volleyball, a croquet mallet or even a fishing pole.

Intramurals have attracted a substantial crowd all year, but May Term seems to be the intramural Mecca.

“Everyone loves being outside and loves all the activities we have packed into a short period of time,” said Nicole Darling, assistant director of student activities and director of intramurals.

In just three weeks, students have the opportunity to participate in mud volleyball, washers, croquet, golf, bags, bocce ball, fishing and even an obstacle course. If that is not enough, there is also coed softball, coed volleyball and jamball games scheduled every single day.

“Weather is everything, but we are still out in the cold, wind, rain and thunder,” Darling said.

The show might go on in adverse weather conditions, but senior J.F. Holmes relishes the warmer, sunnier competition.

“I love May Term intramurals,” Holmes said. “It gives me the opportunity to showcase my talents for all the lovely ladies that are lying out to tan in the sun. I would have to say that jamball is my favorite sport because it’s the only chance I’ll ever get to dunk over two or three people and yell ‘Hide the women and children!’ It’s a lot of fun to go out and just be silly with your friends.”

All of the games have been well attended in past May Terms, but volleyball and softball seem to be the most popular, with mud volleyball right behind, according to Darling.

“All the games are great and my teams are probably going to take the cake a time or two this May, but mud volleyball has to be my favorite,” junior Tessa Van Oosbree said. “There’s nothing better than getting down and dirty in a little mud on a hot day.”

Giving Van Oosbree a run for her money this May will be sophomore Mitchell Keller.

“I have been eagerly awaiting May Term for quite some time now,” Keller said. “It’s the perfect culmination of the wide world of intramurals. I like most of the games, but jamball is my favorite in all the land. It has that feeling of a game on the hallowed grounds of Rucker Park. It’s really the pinnacle of May Term for me and my associates.”

As the year winds down here at Simpson, students look forward to getting out in the sun and relieving some stress through the wonderful world of intramurals.

“Students love May Term and it’s my favorite time of the year, too,” Darling said. “It gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time outside working the events, observing my workers and experiencing the camaraderie that develops while students are participating. It was a great year for intramurals and stay tuned for floor hockey next year.”