FlipSide Face – Elizabeth Caballero

FlipSide Face - Elizabeth Caballero

by Leah JosephsonStaff Writer

Many students at Simpson College are from small towns in Iowa, so it’s rare when students like Junior Elizabeth Caballero, a native of Juarez, Mexico, land in central Iowa.

“Adapting to being away from home has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life,” Caballero said. “I never realized how close to my family and friends I was until I came to Simpson.”

Caballero, a political science and international relations major, received a scholarship from Simpson through her Methodist high school near El Paso, Texas. She was the fifth student to receive this particular scholarship that’s given to one student every year.

Among Caballero’s many activities, she serves as president of the International Student Organization.

“I.S.O. makes sure that the international student’s experience at Simpson is pleasant and productive,” Caballero said. “We plan picnics, trips and other activities so that every member gets to know each other. We also plan activities where we have the opportunity to share a little bit of our culture with the rest of the campus like the Cultural Food Fest.”

Caballero said that Simpson has been a great academic, social and emotional experience. She admits that for some international students it’s harder being away from home than for others, but the community at Simpson is good at including the students from all backgrounds.

There are currently 20 students from 13 different countries in I.S.O. Caballero encourages all students to get involved in the events and to stay open to the different cultures present on the Simpson campus.

Upcoming I.S.O. events include activities for Latino Heritage Month, such as salsa dancing, and a fall break trip to Chicago.

“For those who are new, enjoy your time at Simpson and in Iowa the best you can.” Caballero said.