Bar Patrons Get A “Lift” With iPod Night, Flavored Martinis

by Natalie MeierStaff Writer

On a random Saturday, a friend of mine suggested we go to a bar in Des Moines called The Lift. The bar had the best martinis ever. I was skeptical, but I agreed to go. When we made it downtown, I literally walked past the bar. At night The Lift is almost unnoticeable. It is hidden in a large brick building on Fourth Street. As I made my way in, I immediately knew I would like this bar.

The atmosphere reminded me of a chic, yet chill, European bar. To the left was is a platform where a DJ was spinning house music. On the right, people were lounging and enjoying martinis onin couches and chairs. Local artists have displayed their artwork all around the bar on the walls. This only adds to the trendy atmosphere. The bar is in the back and it has everything from domestic and import beers to martinis. Each martini is labeled with a creative name. For example, I had a “‘Mango Slut,” a martini made with mango rum, pineapple and orange juice. And it was very delicious. Some other martinis they have are the “‘S & M,” made with Peach Tree, Apple Pucker, lemonade and Sprite or the “‘2006,'” made with Skyy Citrus, Raspberry Schnapps and champagne. The martinis are a little expensive for a college student’s budget. They are $6 – $7, but don’t worry, they offer specials on certain days.

Happy hour, everyone’s favorite time, is until 7 p.m. daily. During happy hour, martinis are $4 and everything else is a $1 off. On Sunday nights they host a “Vinyl Night.” Glasses of wine are $1 off, bottles of wine are $5 off, and imports are $2.50. Monday night is “iPod Night” and the happy hour specials last all night long. On “iPpod Night,” everyone can bring in his or her or his iPod and the bartender actually plays selected music off the iPpod. On Tuesdays, it is “new music night,” and drinks are two for one. Wednesday is “martini night,” with two martinis for $6 or one for $4. The last drink special is on Thursday; all pints on tap are $2.

This bar has become one of my favorite places in Des Moines. It’s relaxed and hip. The people are friendly, and the drinks are amazing.