Football Team Tightens Pads

by Jessie ErnstStaff Writer

Starting the season 0-3 doesn’t seem very promising, but football players and Head Coach Jay Neimann remain optimistic. The final score just doesn’t seem to reflect the strength of Simpson’s football team.

The team has made several improvements this year, including utilizing Simpson’s new strength and conditioning coach, Justin Snyder.

“Having a new strength and conditioning coach has really helped our team become more physical than any of our opponents that we have to face,” senior Defensive Lneman Dustin Schelling said.

Snyder agrees that the team has made much improvement.

“The Storm football team has made significant physical improvement since January 2006,” Snyder said. “The results are a testament to the leadership and worth ethic of the athletes. All that I do is build them a great map for successful physical development. Executing the requirements of that map and reaping the benefits of it is completely in their hand.”

Along with their improvement off the field, the team has expressed objectives to accomplish on the field. Neimann has set goals within the team’s reach.

“We want to be competitive in every game we play,” Neimann said. “We have to be able to play at a consistent level throughout the course of the season without peaks and valleys.”

In order to do this, the team has to continue working hard and playing good football.

“We have to not make mistakes,” Neimann said.

As a player, Schelling has similar goals.

“Even though our record may not show it, we still have a very good shot at winning the conference,” Schelling said. “We have a tough road ahead of us, but we just have to take one game at a time.