Our View

At first it was annoying. Then it became incessant. Now? It’s reached Simpson spam insanity. The e-mails have got to stop. Or at least let up.

Every day, Simpson students are bombarded with opportunities to get involved: at the bookstore, in the chapel or as a part of Greek life. While the e-mails are a great reminder for those who are looking to get more involved (read: freshmen) is it possible that older students at Simpson are already aware of what activities they do and don’t have time for?

As for the “lost and found” e-mails, who wants to sort through multiple “e-pleas” for returned key chains or notebooks in their inbox for an e-mail of personal relevance? While we understand the trauma of losing a jump drive, your best bet it to retrace your steps and clean your dorm room, not send out a query to the entire campus.

As for the raging onslaught of activity e-mails, how about a forum that lets students select which e-mails they do and don’t receive? Either way, it’s time to stop the mass hysteria.