Students Exercise Mind and Body

The Intramural Council is providing ways to improve the mind and body in new and exciting ways. Basketball, volleyball, football, softball and the rest of the traditional sports are still available, but this year they have introduced two new fitness classes – a “Body by Video” class and a pilates class.

Senior Hannah Packard leads the Body by Video class and said the goal of the class is to get people to work out together and have fun.

“We want people to realize that exercise can be fun,” Packard said. “It should be motivational. It’s easier to work out with a big group of people.”

Packard also said the class is a fun way to work out because it doesn’t get boring.

“I don’t want anyone to be scared to come,” Packard said. “Everyone tries to do the moves together, so we look silly together.”

Senior Brittany Allison attends the class and said she enjoys it.

“I like the laid back environment,” Allison said. “It was fun.”

The class involves some cardio workouts, including kickboxing and power aerobics. Comfortable clothes and shoes one can move in are the only equipment needed to participate. Mats are provided to all who attend, and showing up is all that is required.

Another option for intramurals this year is the pilates class. Junior Matt Gilbert leads this class and said one of his goals is to make everyone successful. He also said once he knows everyone’s knowledge of pilates, he might make it a little more challenging.

“One of my goals is to teach everyone that the body works very efficiently and very effectively if you can learn how to use it,” Gilbert said.

The pilates class just started on Sept. 11, but there was a large turnout. Gilbert said if the capacity exceeds 45 people, he’d have to cut the class size down so everyone can get individualized attention.

Pilates enhances muscle strength, builds muscle endurance and improves posture. It focuses on creating a mind and body connection to maximize the workout. This class requires no equipment, just a desire to work out.

“Come join us for a mindful core experience that focuses on strengthening your body’s powerhouse, increasing flexibility and reducing stress and fatigue,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert said an upside to a pilates class is unlike regular aerobic classes, people leave energized as opposed to being tired, which makes everyone feel successful in their workout.

Both classes are held in Camp Lounge and last about an hour. The Body by Video class is on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. and pilates is on Mondays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. The classes are also both coed, and neither require a pre-registration of any kind, though depending on the numbers in the pilates class, pre-registration may be required in the future.