Seven semesters, seven lessons learned

Seven semesters, seven lessons learned

Seven semesters at a place like Simpson can do things to a mind. If you rely on campus literature, you may find it can grow well-rounded citizens and potential professionals. Real existence, however, leaves a different impression in those seven semesters. Such is my case.

When I joined up with Simpson, in the fall of 2003, I was a far greener individual than I am now. Bad relationships and bad attitudes ruled my life. Some things never change, but since then I have most definitely picked up at least a few tips to lessen the impact of my life’s shortcomings. So, without further introduction, here, loyal reader, are what seven Simpson semesters have taught me about living.

7. Some debt is good debt. My father grew up in a world with relatively little personal debt. I, unfortunately, have not. Growing up in this world – be it educationally or economically – frequently requires the responsible acceptance of debt. School loans are an annoying, yet mostly universal, debt experience for anyone in our generation. Consider the investment and return lesson they give and apply it to the rest of your life.

6. Master at least one dance move. Be it the “electric slide” or a little “two-step”, get something and get good at it. By the time you leave college, either you’ll be married or are going to need at least something you can follow the beat with. But make sure it’s transferable. ( Years later, and I can’t get even a look when I break out the “stumble.”)

5. When in doubt, overdress. Even though sweatpants are a prerequisite of most degrees at Simpson, they don’t get respect. Entering the world looking shabby doesn’t help the fact it all ready thinks we’re irresponsible. If you only have one outfit that makes you look better than you are, you still are one first impression past a lot of recent graduates.

4. There’s nothing “well” about well drinks. Have you ever noticed not even the Zoo Bar puts Hawkeye products on their glass display shelves? That’s because they’re embarrassed of them – and you should be too. If you’re broke, you can temporarily pass on this rule, but consider what you’re doing to yourself a shame.

3. Go to the first day of class. Okay, while I usually don’t live by this, I would argue I should have. Besides, giving the impression to professors you’re not interested in their class makes it too easy to get lost when you don’t get a syllabus until October. Believe me, I know.

2. Diversify yourself. Being the world’s best when it comes to algebraic equations won’t help you with a flat tire. While being extremely good at one thing is never bad, it pays to learn a variety of skills, if only to make you more interesting as a person. Take the time now, when you actually have it, to pick up a little knowledge about as much as possible. Trust me, it will pay off.

1. Three parts water to one part fruit juice concentrate to one part Everclear. Jungle Juice, baby – cheap, effective, delicious. Known the world over as Hunch Punch, Swamp Water, Dog’s Breath, OoEee and Crawl, but always recognized as dynamite, this concoction has been a staple of the budget-conscious bash for decades. Customize it in your choice of flavors, but use responsibly – the stuff is magic.