Facebook gone BAD!!!

Facebook gone BAD!!!

by Emili JohnsonStaff Writer

Facebook has been all the rage across the nation

because it is a way to keep in touch with people you

went to high school with, plus people you have met

from various aspects of life. But lately, with the

popularity of Facebook growing every day, it has

become more and more of a hassle rather than something

to surf while avoiding homework.

Within the last few weeks, Facebook has had a major

facelift that not too many people are happy about. I

personally, don’t have the same thrill I once did for

Facebook because of the recent News Feed which in my

opinion is something that is more a pain in the butt

rather than a source of information. I hate to say it,

but I am not interested in knowing that three of my

friends have joined the “Junk in the Trunk” group and

four of my friends have poked someone that I am not

even friends with. If you ask me, this is something

that has gotten somewhat out of hand.

Another major change that has come to Facebook is its plan to

open up to everyone that doesn’t

go to a college or university based on invitation. I

really don’t understand this because it will seem as

if Facebook has converted over the same format as My

Space, and we all know what goes on in the MySpace

world. Music promotions, endless chain letters and

various other aspects make My Space somewhat trashy

and not as fulfilling as Facebook was at one point in


If I had a nickel for every time I have gone to

someone’s profile and seen 15,000 pictures of the same

person, I would have a whole lot of nickels! I think

it is absolutely ridiculous to have a photo album on

Facebook with 97 pictures of yourself! Thanks to

camera phones and digital cameras, we can now see the

many poses of all our friends from the “happy” pose,

to the “sad” pose, to the “I’m a sexy someone – yes I

am” pose, to the “America’s Next Top Model” pose.

And don’t even get me started with the endless

pictures of people at parties with beer cans scattered

all over the place. I think I have seen my fair share

of people doing keg stands and playing mindless

drinking games. I understand that these people are

having fun. At the same time, do any of these

people know that many employers are looking at the

Facebook profiles of potential employees? Is this the

way you want your future boss to see you, doing a beer

bong at a fraternity party? I personally don’t think


In conclusion, I think Facebook is still something

that can be enjoyed, but at the same time, if everyone

has a limited profile and stopped putting as many

pictures of themselves in photo albums as possible.

Then maybe, just maybe, the Facebook experience will

be as wonderful as it was before.