One review/Two views:


by Natalie MeierStaff Writer

On Friday night, I went to see “Employee of the Month.” I was not expecting to see an award-winning film. Still, I figured since it was directed by Gregory Coolidge and the produced by the same people who created “Wedding Crashers,” I would at least be entertained for a good 90 minutes.

The cast included Dane Cook (Zack), Andy Dick (Lon), Efren Ramirez (Jorge), Dax Shepard (Vince) and Jessica Simpson (Amy). An interesting thing to note is Joe Simpson, Jessica’s dad, was listed among the list of producers. I had to ask myself – was he chosen before or after she got the part? I’ll leave you to judge.

As the show finally began, I found myself actually laughing. The setting is a store called Super Club. It has a surprising resemblance to Sam’s Club. The employees even have little blue vests to wear. There is an elderly gentleman standing at the door and greeting the customers. Everything is huge in the store – huge packages of chips, candy and the list goes on.

Dax Shepard plays Vince. He is the head cashier and has been the employee of the month for 17 months in a row. The management and the ladies adore him. He’s the fastest cashier in the region. Dane Cook plays Zack, a carefree box boy. Jessica Simpson plays Amy, a hot new cashier who only has a thing for the Employee of the Month. Can you see where this is going? The whole show revolves around Zack and Vince trying to win employee of the month and Amy’s heart.

The show is quite entertaining at first. Zack and Vince are running around the store trying to win points with management. They’re getting hit with tennis balls by missing children and trying to corrupt each other’s climb to become employee of the month. Vince and his sidekick, Jorge (Efren Ramirez), are a strange pair. They are so odd they’re funny. Their obsession with the ’81 Honda makes for some of the best scenes in the whole movie.

Zack’s sidekicks Lon (Andy Dick), Iqbal (Brian George) and Russell (Harland Williams) all have funny quirks. Lon can’t see. Iqbal has a ton of children. And Russell knows the way to the human resource employee’s heart. Even with all this, about halfway through the show, it loses steam.

Unfortunately, the show turns into a semi-love story and the funny parts are too few and far between. Vince does keep you entertained because he’s just so weird.Zack, though he is nice to look at, becomes boring. Vince and Jorge have more on-screen chemistry than Amy and Zack. Also, every time you see Amy, all you see is cleavage. For some people this might be nice, but for me it was getting old. Her whole wardrobe consisted of v-neck shirts that were far too low-cut. I found myself loathing the times when Zack and Amy were on-screen. All I wanted was to see Vince and Jorge and the ’81 Honda.

Overall, this movie isn’t horrible. For about 45 minutes, it made me laugh. If you enjoy comedy and cleavage, go see it. If not, you can wait to rent it. Better yet – wait for one of your guy friends to buy it and see it for free.