The meaning of “true mail”

The meaning of true mail

by Erin BoneStaff Writer

It’s a decision we all have to make on a daily basis, but are we taking it as seriously as we should? I don’t think so, and maybe you will reconsider your feelings toward this very important issue when you read the cold hard facts.

It should be quite obvious by now that the decision I’m referring to is whether or not to check your mail. The impact of receiving mail is so great that it can have long-term effects on an individual.

For example, say you are having a terrible day. By terrible I mean your car wouldn’t start, so you had to walk the entire two blocks to class, chicken nugget day was canceled due to the bird flu and you dropped the entire French silk pie you stole from Pfeiffer.

On a day such as this, the decision to check your mail is crucial. Let’s look at the positive but highly unlikely, side. First, you have mail. Hooray! Your life is not ruined. Someone does care about you. Forget about the car, forget about the pie, this is a great day!

Now, let’s have a reality check – you don’t have mail. Although this is the more realistic outcome it’s still very hard to deal with. The low people feel when they look into that little box and see nothing but empty space has the possibility of sending some into a deep depression, a depression that can only be overcome by a successful trip to the mailbox, but who knows when that will come?

Even more traumatizing than not having any mail is having false hope. This occurs when you think you have mail only to realize it isn’t true mail but instead a flyer delivered to everyone’s box. Or, even worse, a letter from Simpson notifying you of the millions of dollars you owe. Although the probability of actually having true mail is slim, it’s impact is great.

I think now would be a great time to put in writing what qualifies as true mail. A note from a friend, a letter from anyone as long as it’s not a bill and a package from Mom all qualify as true mail. Consequently, those individuals who order books online and then try to pass off their package as true mail are guilty of fraud. Any package pre-purchased by the recipient for academic purposes can not be categorized as true mail.

With that being said, be a true friend and send someone you care about true mail.