Keeping Simpson busy in the summer

Keeping Simpson busy in the summer

by Karl LangWeb Editor

Many students think Simpson is an empty place during the summer, but Conference Director Marilyn Johnson looks to keep this time as active as the school year.

Besides organizing some of the events that take place during the school year, Johnson works to fill the summer months with outside groups looking for a place to hold their events.

“Anything that happens on any of our three campuses that is not an actual class, is booked and sometimes coordinated through this office,” Johnson said. “We could always use more events. You can never have enough good public relations.”

Many of the groups that come in the summer are Simpson-sponsored groups, but that doesn’t encapsulate all the groups that use the space. Jazz Band Camp, Upward Bound and many of the sports camps are all sponsored by Simpson, but there are some outside groups such as Business Horizons, Balloon Classic and others that utilize the space at Simpson.

Before coming to Simpson sixteen years ago, Johnson worked as a sales director for a hotel chain.

“I love Simpson, the people and the students,” Johnson said. “It is a very accepting environment here.”

Johnson doesn’t consider her job solely organizing the events that take place. She considers her job more about promoting the positives that Simpson and its community have to offer.

“I consider the main part of my job marketing, recruitment and public relations,” Johnson said. “Personally, I enjoy the political events that come to Simpson. They are the most exciting. Getting to meet the Secret Service is always exciting.”