Swimmers ready to dive into new season


by Jessie ErnstStaff Writer

Though the Simpson swim team may be small, the members aren’t lacking enthusiasm.

With a team full of positive attitudes, Simpson’s women swimmers are looking forward to the upcoming events of this year’s season.

Although the Storm swim team doesn’t have a lot of members, it does have a lot of spirit.

The swim team’s new head coach shows just as much enthusiasm as the girls.

“I have been a coach my whole life, but this is my first experience at a college level,” Head Coach Mark Wagner said. “It’s a challenge for me, but I’m excited about doing this.”

Sophomore Chelsy Croson knows firsthand about Wagner’s enthusiasm.

“Our new coach is really motivating,” Croson said “He is different than last year in a positive way.”

One of the ways Wagner has been trying to improve the team is by including more practices and team time.

“We have been holding practices twice a day,” Wagner said. “It is a lot of hard work, but we have fun doing it.”

Sophomore swimmer Kristen Towne can see the benefits all ready.

“Everyone has been getting along with each other really well,” Towne said. “I think we’re going to have a really good season.”

Wagner is also hoping for a successful season, but he acknowledges that some aspects need improvement.

“We need to build on what we’ve got, have fun and improve in the process,” Wagner said.

The returning swimmers are seeing more team members and team spirit this year as compared to previous years. Sheer numbers has always been a problem, but the swimmers have now thought up some solutions.

“We have a lot bigger team this year,” Croson said. “Our first meet went really well.”

Towne and Croson know that if they keep working and have Simpson’s support, they can succeed.

“It would help if more students came to our meets,” Croson said. “It’s helpful when people are there to cheer us on.”

Croson knows that swimming provides a healthy lifestyle and encourages others to try the sport.

“The only thing our team really needs is more girls out that swim or want to learn,” Croson said. “Overall, I’m really excited for this year. With a new coach and more girls, we should do really well.”