Letter to the Editor

To The Truth:

Dr. Carver would be deeply disappointed to hear that the truth you are telling is a falsehood. Carver did indeed attend Simpson College in an academic capacity. In 1890-91, Carver began with classes in Grammar, Arithmetic, Essays and Etymology. He sat in on Etta Budd’s art classes until she knew he was a dedicated student and Carver then continued in the School of Art.

He also took voice and piano in the Music School. Carver continued his art classes at Simpson in the Winter Terms of 1891-92 and 1892-93. There is more from Carver in his own words in the college archives:http://www.simpson.edu/library/research/carver.html.

Cynthia (Cyd) M. Dyer

College Librarian/Archivist/Professor