Revisiting some Clive favorites


by Natalie MeierStaff Writer

Going out for a night on the town can be expensive, especially if you do it VIP style.

I wanted a different atmosphere so I decided to take a trip into the West Des Moines area to see what it had to offer.

My weekend started out at Drink: The Original Fun Bar. Drink is a great bar for sitting around and chatting with friends. It has many tables and chairs, pool tables and a heated patio. They have free cover and $2 drinks until 10 p.m. On some weekends, they even hold flippy cup tournaments. Drink is a great way to start out the night.

After chilling at Drink and having some delicious long islands, I headed over to Crush. When I arrived, there was a table reserved for me and my friends in one of the VIP sections. A VIP booth at Crush runs about $125. There are very few tables at Crush, so it was nice having a booth waiting for us.

The VIP booth was amazing. The best part of having a VIP table was the bottle service. I was able to pick out any bottle of liquor I wanted. I also got to pick three things to mix it with. I choose Absolute Vodka with the mixers of orange juice, cranberry juice and lemonade. We also had our very own waitress. She constantly checked on us to make sure we had everything we needed.

Beyond the VIP booth, the club had a great atmosphere. Panels of frosted glass light the back of the bar. These panels constantly change colors and help create a club-like atmosphere. The dance floor is located towards the back of the club. It is sunken in and the DJ booth is right above it. Behind the dance floor is the other VIP area. This area has couches and chairs.

And behind this VIP area, I saw a row of bathrooms. These are not just any bathrooms. The doors are clear glass. When you go in and lock the door, the glass immediately frosts so you can’t see into them. I was afraid to try them at first, so I made a friend stand outside to make sure it really frosted. It certainly does. A word of advice, don’t forget to lock the door, otherwise it won’t frost. There are about eight of these bathrooms. Each of them is private, meaning one toilette, but they are so posh and definitely different from the Zoo bathrooms. The sinks are clear, blue-tinted glass. They all have full-length mirrors and tiled floors.

Toward the end of the night, the bottle ran out. For purely journalistic, investigative purposes, I decided to see how much drinks were at the bar. I was expecting drinks to be expensive, but they were reasonably priced. I was also pleasantly surprised at how nice all of the bartenders were and how fast the service was.

Drink is a fun bar to start the night. Crush is a club with great atmosphere. The VIP section was better than I expected. It was worth every penny.