College considering purchase of Clinton Street apartment


by Noel TreibelStaff Writer

The current question lurking around Residence Life is whether Simpson will buy the apartments next to Hamilton on Clinton Street within the next year.

Currently a few students are living in the apartments.

According to Ken Birkenholtz, vice president for business and finance, no final decision has been made. Next fall, many upper classman will be studying abroad in London, and there will be enough housing.

“We will have adequate housing for ’07, but the fall of ’08 might be a problem,” Birkenholtz said.

As it stands, there has not been a decision made about purchasing the apartments since most students have been able to find housing on campus.

“The appraisal price came in far different than we expected,” said Director of Housing Mandy Fox.

The housing department selected the top two female groups who were on the Buxton list and asked them if they would consider the apartments on Clinton.

“They had to all each agree,” Fox said. “This was completely voluntary.”

Simpson called the managers of the apartment and told them the situation concerning more rooms. Simpson then asked if they could hold two identified apartments for these students.

“The benefit for them is they get an apartment, but they didn’t lose the financial aid,” Fox said.

All of the students also had the option for the apartment with their agreement. These students had the option of paying room and board with the college providing their meal plan, cable and Internet, or the students could sign a lease with the managers of these apartments and take care of the expenses themselves.

“The school would take care of the bills, and we would furnish it,” said junior Breanne Heitshusen, resident of the apartments on Clinton Street.

The two female groups were contacted by e-mail from Residence Life in July. The e-mial stated their two options for the following fall semester.

“We all sent an e-mail back telling what option we wanted,” Heitshusen said.

Heitshusen decided to sign a lease for an apartment on Clinton and basically live as a pseudo commuter for the year.

“We had to keep our meal plan either way,” Heitshusen said. “All we had to sign was the lease.”

As of now, no decision has been made about buying the apartments on Clinton Street. Simpson does not currently need the extra apartment space for students, but the apartments may be needed in the years to come.

“The Clinton apartments are definitely an option,” Birkenholtz said.