How to…Keep New Year’s Resolutions

by Clint WallaceStaff Writer

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?Yada…Yada…Yada…For those of you still coherent to sing at the right time, you probably didn’t know what you were singing, but for those of you who knew what to sing-and in the right key-I bow down. Now that the celebration is over, the headaches have passed and the mess is cleaned up, it’s time to remember the resolutions you faithfully promised to uphold. Some of you took more popular vows like losing weight, exercising more, stopping smoking, spending less money, drinking less and my personal vow, getting better grades. I’m sure some of you made different vows like drinking more, studying less and exercising less. Each pledge sounds great in theory, but we are now a few weeks into the brand new year, and I’m willing to guess you are having temptation. I know I am. Well, let’s refocus and not give up yet because we can trifle these pesky temptations, and here’s how.?The first place to fight temptation is places you frequent most, like your car or you beloved room.?If you’re trying to lose weight, ditch the unhealthy foods and replace them with weights, exercise videos and healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. Another fascinating tidbit I’ve learned through my travels is not to eat anything after 10 p.m. Not eating after 10 also lets you sleep easier. ?Losing weight is just as much a mental journey as it is a physical journey. If you’re afraid of walking into the gym-I’m freakin’ terrified-let alone working out in the gym, you need to do some emotional exercising before you start. If you can’t handle working out in front of other people, buy some beginner weights and start on your own. ?There are workouts you can do on your own time without a gym or membership. Another way to accomplish your resolution is a partner. Find a friend who has the same resolution and make it a friendly competition.?If you’re trying to stop “lighting up,” you could use all of the conventional methods you see in the media, or you can remove it from your life. Lose the stash of goods everywhere you hide them. If you’re serious about stopping and your close friends are perfectly content with the lifestyle they are accustomed to, you will have to make some changes. If you have a friend who wants to quit as well, you can look to each other for help and support.These two resolutions seem to be the biggest changes for everyone, so I focused on them, but there are similarities for any resolution. Any challenging resolution can be helped with a partner. Also, emitting any temptations from your life will make things easier and more manageable. The most important aspect is the mental aspect. You have to be mentally ready to bear down and get your resolution accomplished. If you are going into your resolution half-assed, the temptations will win in the end.These helpful tips are a start for sticking with any resolution, unless your resolution is drinking more. If so, I think you will have no problems sticking to it. Best of luck!