Our View

Most of us have heard the stories about the poor living conditions of the Performing Arts House. The residents have faced bat and insect infestation and poor housing conditions in general.

Now it seems they’re slowly moving up in the world-they’ve got a new house.

We think it’s a great idea the college is finally doing something about this. Sure, some things were done last semester about cleaning the place up a bit, but it was pain for the students.

Being forced to move out of your house and into something “temporary” isn’t something anyone wants to do. Moving to school in the fall and moving out in the spring are plenty of times to move. It’s hard to haul all your stuff out of your house, pack it into a dorm room and then move it all back again. Moving mid-semester like the PA House did is hard and annoying. Not only did they have the hassle of the moving process, they also had to deal with classes, homework and other activities that keep them busy. Nobody wants to add in moving time into that.

It makes the students unhappy they’re constantly being jumbled around. Coming to college can be a difficult transition because students are away from their families and their homes. It’s nice to make your room in college “your room” and have someplace nice to live while at school.

Your room is also the place where you study, socialize with friends and get a good night’s rest. When you add bats and insects in your bed to the equation, it’s just not a pleasant experience.

Students want to leave Simpson and remember all the good times and good memories they had here. They don’t want to have to tell stories about how they had a bat infestation in the house they lived in or how the basement was full of mold.

It’s great the PA house is getting fixed up, and we think it’s about time. How long did it take for this to happen? Baby steps is all it takes, but how long is too long to have to live in conditions that can harm your health? It’s sad that it’s actually taken this long for Simpson to do something about it.

Simpson theme houses are a great opportunity for friends to live with one another. These houses aren’t in the best condition, though. It has taken complaint after complaint to get Simpson to finally do something definitive about the PA House. We have to ask, when will the theme house problems stop?

Simpson can fix up the PA House all they can, but it will still be old and will eventually get to the way it was before. It’s hard on students when they’re put in a house that’s deemed “unlivable” and made to move into dorms for a short period of time.

Congratulations, PA House residents. We’re happy to hear you’re finally getting the housing you deserve. We just hope you didn’t get too attached to the bats in your old house.