Wouldn’t it be nice…college perks are what really attract students

There’s a lot that goes into choosing what college is right for you. Many colleges around the area offer certain perks to prospective students to try to convince them their college is the right pick.

Simpson College offers students a lot of educational and residential life opportunities. It currently offers 40 majors and minors to students with a 16-1 faculty student ratio, allowing students to develop strong relationships with their professors. Students also have the opportunity to go outside the classroom by traveling abroad either for a semester or for three weeks during May Term.

Being involved is very important to the Simpson community. Intramurals, clubs and organizations give students the opportunity to develop stronger self and lasting friendships. CAB provides entertainment throughout the week and on the weekends with comedians, musicians and games. If you’re worried about missing out on all of these great opportunities, 90 percent of students receive financial assistance.

If 90 percent sounds like a lot, even more Central College students receive financial assistance, with 98 percent receiving some funds. Personalized scholarships are also offered to students who excel in certain areas of study.

For those of you who enjoy learning about different cultures, 45 percent of Central students study overseas for at least one semester. Though the college experience may seem expensive, Central helps make it affordable by loaning out laptops through Student Services to students who meet a certain criteria.

Buena Vista University goes above and beyond when it comes to laptops. The computer is included in students’ tuition, and every two years all of their information can be transferred to a brand new, state of the art laptop. All laptops are either turned in and sold to the community or the student has the option to keep it after graduation by paying an extra $500. For the more technological student, the wireless campus is a great opportunity because students are allowed to take their computer to class everyday and take notes or even tests on them.

Being that it’s freezing outside, Wartburg College might be the place to go if you’re looking to constantly stay warm. A skywalk allows students to walk from building to building without having to set foot outside in the cold. Though the campus is smaller than most, a new addition will be coming next year. A $35 million physical education complex is being constructed and it will include a brand new gymnasium, pool and other athletic facilities.

If you don’t like the idea of cafeteria food, Wartburg offers two other places on campus to eat besides the dining hall, both of which are included in the weekly meal plan.

All of these colleges, though they seem similar, have their own unique ways to attract students and make their college experience as enjoyable as it can be. Whether it’s through laptops, skywalks, study abroad programs or organizations, prospective students have their work cut out for them when deciding where to attend.