Our View

Last semester a student said she was raped. Understandably, much of the information about the occurrence has been kept very quiet. Names or details have not been released, but surprisingly, the actual occurrence has not been made known at all.

Living in such a small campus, we all think that we’re all relatively safe-that we can walk, or stagger, from one end of campus to other with very few worries. It seems, though, that the perfect world at Simpson may not be as perfect as we all thought. Our comfort in our own “home” may forever be changed.

Word gets around pretty quickly on a small campus, whether names and details are known or not. It appears that much care was taken in keeping the rape as unknown about as possible. This was something that Simpson did, indeed, know about.

The first mention of the occurrence was made in an email from the campus group SOPHIA. Very little was said other than that a student had been raped and that steps were being taken to update and improve Simpson’s sexual harassment policy.

We congratulate SOPHIA on taking these steps to make our campus a safe place for all of us, and for letting us know what has occurred, even if Simpson didn’t.

We applaud the unknown student for standing up in such a difficult situation, and letting someone know what happened.

We now look to Simpson to take the appropriate steps in the situation, updating the policy and making correct changes, improving life for all who call Simpson home.