His and Her views of The Garage

There are many fine establishments for adults around the fair city of Indianola, but there’s a new one in town. The Garage, located between Ground Zero and Professional Body Works, is open for business and undeniably worth checking out. The Garage has outstanding drink specials-one for every day of the week-great music, plenty of lighting and most importantly, it is substantially less smoky than other bars in town.

When you walk into The Garage, the bar is on the left and there a few tables on the right. The Garage is sans dance floor, but it’s a pleasant change. The décor is mostly sport or alcohol oriented, but it’s everywhere. It’s a smaller bar, but it’s put together well and space isn’t an issue.

The bathrooms in the bar are OK, but the locks on the doors are under par. You could easily get walked in on or share the bathroom with a stranger.

The place is completely lit, making it a great place to sit with your group, play cards and just have a splendid time. Since there isn’t a dance floor, the music isn’t dance centered-it’s variety of hard rock, rap, R&B and country.

The place looks new and has new games, including Silver Strike 2007. The bar is shiny and their alcohol selection is magnificent. Their draft selection covers the basics, but also has a ringer selection-Amberbock.

The Garage has a club…of sorts. For $3 you can buy a 22 oz. glass, personalize it and store the mug at The Garage. With the chalice, you get great drink specials.

All and all, I would tell anyone to visit the establishment. The bar is new, fresh and a lot of fun.

-Clint Wallace

The Garage is clean, and it’s pleasant to walk into a bar and not smell stale beer and cigarettes. If you are looking for the same atmosphere as The Zoo or even Mojo’s, you will be sadly disappointed.

The Garage has a relaxed atmosphere, but with only three tables and not a lot of room–don’t expect a big crowd. The Garage reminds me of hanging out in a dorm room and playing card games, except with an endless supply of alcohol and no CAs. The Garage has no dance floor, so if you are looking for a dance party, this isn’t the place to be.

The drink special on Thursday was all the beer you can drink for $8 until 1 a.m. The drink special is definitely worth it if you get there early enough, but if you arrive late or just want a couple of beers, it’s not. A cup of beer cost over a dollar more at The Garage than it costs at The Zoo.

The Garage is definitely a nice change from the other bars in Indianola. If you are looking for a relaxed night of sitting around and drinking beer, then The Garage is the perfect place for you. However, if you like a big crowd and dancing, then you are sure to find the new bar a bit bland.

-Ashley Gress