Political musicians to perform on campus

Two political satire musical groups will be performing on campus in Lekberg Hall on March 6. Charles King and Karen Brandow and The Prince Myshkins are known for their witty folk music and musical stories.

This is the first time both acts have come to campus, but many are looking forward to the perspective the groups will bring.

“Charlie King and Karen Brandow as well as the Prince Myshkins will entertain and make us think about important issues of the day with their music” said Professor of Management Marilyn Mueller.

King and Brandow have been performing together since 1998, singing about ordinary people in four continents.

“We try to cover a broad emotional landscape in our concerts,” the couple said. “What we most value in a song is the way it helps us see an old reality in a totally new light.”

King’s songs have been recorded and sung by such performers as Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Ronnie Gilbert and Holly Near. King has recorded a dozen solo albums since 1976.

Brandow worked in human rights in Guatemala from 1986-1994, where she founded an a cappella singing group, The Non-Traditional Imports. Brandow also studied vocal performance and classical guitar while in Guatemala.

The Prince Myshkins, a group made up of Rick Burkhardt and Andy Gricevich, are named after the selfless character Dostoevsky from “The Idiot.” Burkhardt plays the accordion while Gricevich plays guitar as they both sing.

The two co-founded the Nonsense Company in 1999, a group dedicated to the performance of contemporary classical music.

Both groups have released numerous CD’s and are advertised to make all who attend “think, laugh, weep and dance!”

“Everyone who attends will enjoy themselves,” Mueller said. “Instead of an hour-long lecture on timely issues and topics of social and political significance, we will have some really fine musicians playing and singing their hearts out offering an evening of songs of protest and liberation.”