KSTM offers variety of music, gives DJs chance to show style

Many don’t take full advantage of the programs offered by 88.9 KSTM, but volunteer disc jockeys enjoy their chance to broadcast.

For those of you who haven’t listened, you may not know what KSTM has to offer Simpson students. Depending on what time you tune in and what DJ is on air, you’ll find a variety of music.

Most of the DJs, however, don’t necessarily have an interest in broadcasting. This is why every week you will find something different coming through the airwaves.

Tune in any night, and you’re sure to hear music ranging from Lynard Skynard and Pink Floyd to Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday, depending on the DJ on the air and his or her musical preference.

“I love listening to music and sharing my music taste,” junior DJ Tracy Robson said. “Plus, it’s a good way to get away from everything on campus and just rock out for a little while.”

The love for music and the escape it provides from their daily routines is why many of the DJs decided to get involved with KSTM radio. At the same time, the DJs at KSTM know that there is a small fan base for their shows but that doesn’t stop them from having fun. This makes KSTM radio unique because many of the DJ’s have a relaxed agenda when they’re on the air.

“I wish more people listened to KSTM, but at the same time there is a lot of freedom with our show,” junior DJ Laura Hupp said. “We don’t have to worry about sounding silly in front of a large audience.”

Robson and Hupp started their show, Emo Hour, when they were freshmen. This show has become popular on Simpson campus with fans of punk, emo, screamo and alternative music. Their show only features tracks by popular bands that haven’t been released as singles on mainstream radio. This kind of creative freedom allows the DJs at KSTM to play the music they want to hear.

Many of the DJs also follow the same code when deciding what they would like to play.

“I like playing styles of music that people that may not have heard and will give it a try,” said sophomore DJ Justin Mark.

Mark also likes to add his own twist to his show along with his broadcast partner as they go out every week and purchase prizes to give away for callers during the show. Mark is also a member of a band and being part of KSTM allows him to play his own band’s music.

“Being in a band, there is a huge benefit of being able to play our music on the air,” Mark said. “We’re just starting to build and grow, and this is a great source to kind of get our music out there to people.”

Many of those who DJ now became involved with KSTM by casually listening to the shows to get away from their regular lives and listen to music requested by other students. Then they realized they could become involved and now are enjoying broadcasting their own show and various musical tastes.