He said…She said

He said...She said

I’m dating this girl, and she always gets text messages from other people. When I ask who it’s from, she says “no one.” Is it wrong to look into her phone and read her texts?


As a victim of cheating myself, I whole-heartedly support the checking of her phone if you have any reason to believe you’re being cheated on. However, you’re just dating. So, does that really mean you’re an official item?

I take back my advice. Don’t look at her phone. Until you’re “Facebook official” as boyfriend and girlfriend, keep your hands off the phone.

She’s obviously lying to you when she says she’s texting no one. Come on man, that’s impossible.

Still, how awesome would that be if she was capable of lying to you and making you believe she’s actually texting someone, which she could have already accomplished.

I understand this whole idea is probably above your head, but I think it’s awesome, and that’s why I’m the one writing the advice column.

All in all man, stop worrying! Until you nut up and ask her to make your relationship official, you can’t complain. Stop being so insecure. Maybe a nice sit down and talk session is in order. Or you could just get over it, forget the dating and go your way.

Even more awesome than that would be if you pretended like you were texting someone and when she asked you who you were texting, you could probably yell at her or something. Give it back to her like she’s been doing to you. Why not? You’re not even official yet. Plus, it’s a great way to end a relationship. Then you can spend quality time at The Zoo moping. Good luck.

-Zachary Robert Rus

Clearly the only logical answer here is her phone is haunted by ghosts and when she says the messages are from no one, she isn’t lying to you. Ok, maybe not.

However, just because she doesn’t want to share them with you, doesn’t mean you should be suspicious either. Perhaps she feels overwhelmed by your constant prying. It seems you have some trust issues that need to be addressed.

If you’ve noticed other things, like her not wanting to spend as much time with you or her not calling as much, then maybe you do have grounds to worry. People tend to become distant when they want to end their relationship or are becoming interested in someone else. These are warning signs that shouldn’t be ignored.

If you’re feeling worried about your relationship talk with her. Snooping is like drugs – once you start, you can’t stop. Plus, how often do you say something that can be taken out of context?

For example, someone from work texts, “If you fill in for me Saturday night, I’ll take your Friday shift.” A possible reply may be “Ya, lets do it!” Obviously if you only read the one sid of the text, you’re going to be upset.The message may be innocent in nature. See what I mean?

Talk with her about how important it is she opens up to you more. Tell her when she says her phone messages are from no one it makes you worry. Saying you worry shows you care about the relationship. But snooping in her phone shows you don’t trust her and you’re not trustworthy yourself. Doing this kind of Inspector Gadget move could lead to a breakup if you’re found out.

-Ashley Van Alstine