Anderson finds niche in Res Life

Anderson finds niche in Res Life

by Molly MishlerStaff Writer

Sophomore Maggie Anderson is an elementary education major with a lot of devotion to her community adviser job at Simpson.

“Having a phenomenal CA last year made the whole experience look like fun,” Anderson said. “I loved my first year at Simpson and I’m a complete people person, so I knew being a CA was for me.”

At the beginning of the year, the job of the CA is to welcome their residents and make them feel at home at Simpson.

After the first half of the semester, the job switches to being more of a friend to the residents. Some of the programs they do is facilitate brick painting and ice cream parties during finals.

Currently, Maggie’s floor is beginning “Goldfish Survivor,” a game where each room gets a goldfish and whoever’s lives the longest gets bragging rights for the floor.

A normal weekend of a CA consists of either being on duty or on call as well as helping residents and socializing with them.

Anderson finds the most difficult part of her job is having the residents get to know her for who she really is.

“Letting others know I’m an OK person, I’m just like them, except when I’m on duty, is the hardest thing for me,” Anderson said. “It’s hard to reach out to everyone.”

Next year, Anderson will be a student hall coordinator for Buxton, Picken and Worth Halls. This job will consist of serving as a help for current CAs.

After graduation Anderson looks forward to teaching.

“I’ll be sad to leave Simpson, but I’m so excited to teach the future leaders of tomorrow,” Anderson said.