Our View

The availability and ease of a college campus is about to end for the Class of 2007. That means no more Pfeiffer Dining Hall, no more Hawley Resource Center tutors and, especially, no more Cowles Fieldhouse.

Though the Cowles weight room is small, it has served its purpose. It has became home to a countless number of the students at Simpson. It has made the athletes fit enough to compete on a competitive level and given other students a relief from their studies.

It has also taught important workout regimens that could be carried with students outside of Simpson. But do those workout regimens last?

Every student coming from high school to college gets the freshmen 15 speech, but what about when you graduate? Students never hear it then, but perhaps they should. Come May, graduates no longer can go out the night before, nap all day and then hit the gym.

Athletes who didn’t make it big are soon to become ex-athletes. How do these once physically fit students keep off the beer belly and still enjoy their social life?

Without someone forcing ex-athletes to work out, they may soon find themselves with a less-than toned physique.

Most grads pack on the pounds before they realize it. Not only are they no longer athletes or dedicated fitness addicts, but they’re working full time and the stress is on.

It’s important to know that the ‘freshmen 15’ is waiting with the cap and gown on May 19 if students aren’t careful.

So what can they do? Cut down on the alcohol and eat healthy. If students are determined to stay in shape, they will.

Remember working out has helped through college, so it probably won’t as an adult either.