FlipSide Face

FlipSide Face

by Emily BeckmannStaff Writer

Starting the beginning of his first year, Freshman Class President Steven Ramsey already feels at home on Simpson campus.

“I don’t really feel like a new student,” Ramsey said. “After I got here, I had all of the campaign things, and I met a lot of people. I feel like I’ve been here for a few years already.”

Ramsey, a Kansas City native, was drawn to Simpson because of the college’s assistance with financial aid.

“I have a Carver Fellow Scholarship which helped a lot with the tuition,” Ramsey said.

Before coming to campus, Ramsey was already sure that he wanted to become a part of student government, and decided that he was going to run for freshman class president.

“I decided to run before I even got here because I’m a political science major,” Ramsey said. “I started campaigning with Facebook, and then continued by meeting people, shaking hands, learning names, sidewalk chalk and posters.”

Besides all of the different forms of campaigning, Ramsey’s campaign theme may have been what caught students’ attention.

“My campaign theme was ‘Allow Me to Fight the Storm, so You Don’t Have to’,” Ramsey said. “I really want to make Simpson a better place. My goal is to leave Simpson one step higher than I found it. If I accomplish that, then I have succeeded.”

Ramsey has a love for politics and seems to always find himself caught up in government no matter what he’s doing.

“Politics and government,” Ramsey said. “That’s what I do. It’s my only passion that keeps me interested.”

Although Ramsey is very passionate about politics, in his free time he likes to do many other things.

“I love staying up to date with politics, reading and studying,” said Ramsey. “I know that makes me sound like a nerd. But I also like to dance, not necessarily party, but I like to dance.”

Whether it is busting a move at the upcoming MSA Hip Hop Dance, which Ramsey will be attending, or assisting campaigns for the 2008 presidential election, Ramsey still finds time to offer his advice to the student body.

“Stay focused and to don’t lose sight of what you came to college for,” Ramsey said. “Whether it is sports, education, or whatever, just give it all you’ve got.”