Advice from a cheerleader: Make Simpson yours, have school spirit your way

Advice from a cheerleader: Make Simpson yours, have school spirit your way

by Sheena SmitleyStaff Writer

A school without spirit is like a country without a national flag. So why is it that year in and year out, myself and other “pompom shakers” struggle to get the student body excited for anything? That, my friends, is a question I have long pondered.

I’m not just talking about athletic events. It’s more than that. It’s being proud that you’re a part of Simpson; it’s knowing that the hours you spend in the music building or on the stage in Pote Theatre or on field each day mean something to someone. When I walk across that stage in May, I will leave Simpson College a better place, with a lifetime of unforgettable memories to take with me.

I’ve been a cheerleader since I was eight years old. From being a baby Drake cheerleader to the stereotypical Valley girl, it’s what I love and it’s my passion.

It takes more than just wearing a short skirt, putting a bow in my hair and yelling out a bunch of chants to be a cheerleader. Myself and numerous other men and women at this institution have dedicated both time and money to improving school spirit.

To me, school spirit is hanging 400 fight song signs and practicing every night during the month of September for a two-minute “Yell Like Hell” Homecoming performance. Perhaps it’s planning and executing a very successful pep rally send-off for the women’s basketball team as they headed to NYU for the Sweet 16 Tournament, even though I was told that no one may come.

Either way, it’s worth the look of thanks I got from an amazing group of women basketball players and knowing that just when people begin to doubt student support, you fight back.

When I arrived here four years ago, school spirit was in shambles. We didn’t have a fight song, few attended athletic events and only a select few really cared about making that better.

With some help from President Byrd, a supportive faculty, a series of incredible cheer squads and my coach, Christy Christensen, there is more pride than that first day I arrived here freshman year. Attendance has risen at games and campus events. People are beginning to take notice of the progress being made toward building school spirit. I feel good having been a part of that.

I challenge you to continue building upon what has been started. We all want to be able to look back on our college years with a smile. So, keep the momentum going and remember that the actions you make today will carry you for a lifetime.

Simpson Fight Song:March on Simpson, March on Simpson, March on down the field. Spirit unfailing, defense unavailing, for we will never yieldrah-rah-rah! Drive on Simpson, Drive on Simpson, ’til the game is won!Fight-fight-fight with all your might for the red and gold!