Three of a kind: Funaro’s a hit by a ‘foot long’

Three of a kind: Funaros a hit by a foot long

by Molly MishlerStaff Writer

What do you think of when you want a nice, juicy, loaded-up sandwich? Is it turkey on white, or maybe a ham and cheese on rye? Whatever your taste happens to be, you can find it all at Subway, Quizno’s and Funaro’s. I took the time to visit all three venues to see which had the best sandwich prices, choices, and atmosphere.

The first stop was Funaro’s, located on the square. This is a family-owned business that makes most of the menu items in the store. There were many choices for meat, bread, and toppings. What caught my eye the most were the extensive choices of homemade desserts. There were cookies, pastries, and pieces of pie. I was lucky enough to taste a cookie and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. If you are missing grandma’s cooking, go to Funaro’s.

The most popular sandwich ordered is turkey, which the owner said he makes in the store. It was the best turkey sandwich I’ve ever had, with just the right amount of mayo and fresh vegetables.

The atmosphere of Funaro’s was very homey. Tables with red and white tablecloths gave it a small-town feel–a nice change from the commercial places in town.

The only downside was the price. For a single sandwich, the total came to $5.18. If you want to add a side, either soup, pasta, fruit or veggie, the cost would be $2.25 and a can of pop is $1.30– not very accommodating for a poor college student.

If better prices are what you are looking for, than you should head over to Subway. Ordering a sub feels like you are going through and assembly line, choosing from bread, meat, cheese, and then the array of toppings, none of which look fresh. Who knew tomatoes were supposed to be red?

Trying to find a clean table to sit down was the next challenge. There wasn’t such thing at the time, so we sat and ate as quickly as we could. It’s not that the atmosphere itself was bad, but the cleanliness could have been worked on.

As far as prices are concerned Subway is very cheap. For a sandwich, side and drink total came to $5.87. One can choose from side of chips, cookies, yogurt, apple or raisins.

If a warm sandwich is what you are looking for, than I would recommend heading over to Quizno’s. Offering sandwiches with many types of grilled meat, one chooses the type of sandwich they want and load it up with the meat, cheese, and sauces. It’s then toasted right there in front of you. After the toasting is complete you can choose to put a few sides on top and the process is complete.

For having the cleanest place, it was completely empty. Maybe it was because the sandwiches tasted good, but were too large for one person and caked with too much sauce. There’s a very limited amount of sides to choose from as well including chips, cookie or a side salad. The price was also a little high for a sandwich $5.79 just for the sandwich. A bottle of pop costs $1.70.

The next time you are considering going out to for a sub, think about what you’re looking for and choose the place that sounds best to you. For me, it was Funaro’s for the friendly service, quiet atmosphere and the best sandwich ever.

Points system: based on 1-5 scale, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest