Can you stay friends with an ex?

by Lets Hear It

“Do friends with benefits count?”senior Dana Earles

“Of course, if you liked them then, you like them now. ” junior Erin Hoversten

“Yes, depending on what age you are. If you dated someone for a really long time and then stop dating them; it’s pointless to stop being friends. ” freshman David Johnson

“I don’t think they can stay ‘just friends’- usually, it turns into something more. ” sophomore Breann Black

“I’m not really sure. I can see them not being friends because it could be really awkward for them. It depends on the people. ” freshman Eric Bower

“I suppose you could stay friends with an ex – still good people. There is no need to cast them aside.” sophomore Zak Bartels

“I’m friends with all of my exes except one. I think you can be friends with an ex as long as it isn’t really fresh. It didn’t just happen.” senior Tara Brown

“I would say it depends. If they are being a hypocrite about why they are breaking up with you and go against everything they told you and two weeks later dating another girl. But if you both understand and it was a good break-up then yes.” sophomore Sarah Hammel

“It really depends on why things didn’t work out. Sometimes people make really stupid mistakes, but we should work on trying to forgive people and being civil. ” Walter Lain, assistant dean for multicultural & international affairs