FlipSide Face

FlipSide Face

by Emily BeckmannStaff Writer

Whether patrolling campus in a security van, locking up buildings or working in the security office, evening security staff member Russ Rivers is always making his rounds on campus.

Rivers, an Indianola resident, considers being close to home one of the perks of his job.

“It’s close to home,” Rivers said. “I only live four blocks away. I’ve been down here for 29 years, and I enjoy working with students.”

The students are a large reason why Rivers enjoys his job on the Simpson campus.

“I enjoy working with young adults,” Rivers said. “Overall, the students have been really polite and courteous. We haven’t had any really big problems.”

The students that Rivers gets to work with personally have also had a positive impact on him.

“We have really good student workers,” Rivers said. “They are easy to work with, and most of them are in the criminal justice field and this gives them experience.”

Equally the students, such as senior Jason Rokke, have had positives experiences with Rivers.

“Russ is good at what he does,” Rokke said. “He’s always on time and is always willing to lend a hand.”

While Rivers enjoys his job and the Simpson campus, he also has many different interests outside of work.

“I enjoy gardening, and I love playing with my grandkids,” Rivers said. “I have four of them. Three of them are seven years old, and one is one -and-a-half months old.”

Family is a large part of River’s life, and he enjoys spending time with his family.

“I’ve been married for 28 years,” Rivers said. “I have one son and three daughters. Family is important.”

Rivers has worked on the Simpson campus for two-and-a-half years and offers his words of advice to the Simpson students that he has gotten the chance to know.

“Take one day at a time and enjoy life to the fullest,” Rivers said. “Take your schooling seriously because you are definitely going to need it in the future.”