Out with the old, in with the new: Plans unveiled for re-vamped weightroom

by Carlie BealsStaff Writer

Anyone who works out in the weight room, whether an athlete, non-athlete or faculty member, has probably witnessed overcrowding at various times throughout the day. However, a more efficient use of the current weight room space will soon be put into effect. A new layout has been designed and the changes are expected to begin over winter break and be finished by the time student’s return for class.

According to Justin Snyder, head strength and conditioning coach, the new layout was a necessary thing for everyone who uses the weight room.

“We wanted to improve the facility for both athletes and non-athletes,” Snyder said. “We met with consultants and came up with what we thought would be more efficient for both groups of people.”

The new layout will include replacing old equipment and things such as an additional elliptical machine and treadmill, as well as a variety of weight lifting machines, weights and lifting platforms. The estimated cost of this new layout is over $80,000.

“The funds came from fundraising, an anonymous donor, and an endowment from the athletic department,” Athletic Director John Sirianni said.

Snyder is looking forward to seeing the weight room’s new look and design.

“I’m excited that we have a safer environment and a more efficient and effective environment,” Snyder said. “It will allow us [the strength and conditioning program] to get more things done in a shorter period of time. When you’re dealing with the number of athletes that we deal with, that’s very important.”

Sirianni agreed, saying the current layout of the weight room does not efficiently serve those who use the weight room facilities.

“What we did is evaluate the usage of the facility,” Sirianni said. “The number of athletes participating in the strength and conditioning program are up and there are numerous amounts of people in the student body who have an exercise regimen. The weight room wasn’t serving either one of these groups very well.”

Sirianni said it was because of these reasons that a new layout was designed.

“We wanted to make the square footage we have more efficient for both groups so they have better access and the right pieces of equipment that would make the space useful for both,” Sirianni said.

Snyder agrees.

“We can’t build walls over night,” Snyder said. “We wanted to see how efficient we could make the current structure.”

Snyder is very thankful for the opportunities this new weight room will bring.

“People are making significant contributions to our strength and conditioning programs because they see the results of the athletes’ hard work,” Snyder said. “It’s of phenomenal importance for the school and I’m looking forward to the future long-term remedies the new layout will bring.”

Sophomore Zach Haworth, a strength and conditioning coach intern, agrees that the new weight room equipment is a very important thing for Simpson.

“For the amount of athletes we have and the space we have it’s important to make it as efficient as possible,” Haworth said. “There’s so much equipment that doesn’t get used and it’s very cluttered.”

Being a student and an intern in the weight room, Haworth hears many students, both athletes and non-athletes, complain about the current design of the weight room.

“The major complaint I hear is that it’s crowded, especially when there are multiple teams in the weight room at once,” Haworth said. “It’s hard to get done what they need to in the current space.”

Overall, the majority of Simpson students and faculty agree that a change was needed in the weight room. The entire student body will benefit from the modifications being made.