Our View

by Our View

The new recycling program definitely demonstrates a step in the right direction. The plans represent a culmination of a large amount of work on the part of both Ryan Rehmeier and members of the Environmental Awareness Club.

Getting the project rolling took organization and some convincing of members of administration that the plan would be effective and worthwhile. The bins in the rooms and weekly “Green Mondays” show a process that has been thought through with great potential.

Now, however, the project is in the hands of the students. This isn’t the first time in a number of years that Simpson has had complaints that too little recycling occurs on campus, and it also hasn’t been the first time that lofty goals to become more environmentally-friendly have fallen through. It’s time for students to take ownership in the project and actually see it come to fruition.

Yes, it’s easier to not recycle, because sorting your garbage is about as fun as categorizing you sock drawer. Still, the plan is designed to be extremely user-friendly.

Use the bins in your room and get the recycling in the right spot on your dorm floor or academic building. It may seem like small, insignificant steps in a society addicted to wastefulness, but it has to start somewhere.