CAKIN’ (cake-n) v.

a. talking to anyone you are interested in, at all times

b. communicating with someone you are interested in, secretly

This has to be my favorite word out of the “AJAX-tionary.” I perform this quite often and I’m pretty sure that everyone else does as well without realizing it. That is why i’m here, to make sure your AJAX Cornerstone is fulfilled for a complete Simpson education. Instead of giving one specific scenerario, I am going to give you a checklist. If any of these apply, then you have been cakin’, are cakin’, or plan to be cakin’.

1. Consistently looking at your phone throughout the day waiting on a text or phone call.

2. Before going to sleep you re-read messages you have sent and received.

3. You should be doing homework but phone is in hand.

4. Would rather text than go to class.

5. Stay up late on the phone knowing you have to get up early the next morning.

6. Leave a group of friends to answer a call or reply to a text and be gone longer than planned.

7. Talk in the hallway rather than in your room.

8. Whisper your whole conversation.

9. Sit in awkward positions you normally wouldn’t sit in fit you were talking to your parents (legs in the air or curled up in a corner)

10. Excited when phone does ring with a text message or phone call.