Procrastination Nation

If its true that rules were made to be broken, then it might also be said that resolution were meant to slowly fade from our memories the further we venture away from New Year’s Day. Suddenly a plan to exercise more is as buried as your gym clothes on the bottom of your dorm floor and aspirations to eat better become as crumpled and depressing as all those Twinkie wrappers buried in your garbage (you know, the ones under the pizza boxes….). So are all resolutions destined to be lost? Not if you can stick to a plan set out for you on, a handy site that enables the user to create a chart of their biggest plans for 2008 and then chart the progress of their improvements (or failings) using handy check marks. Joesgoals also contains a logbook for more extensive recordings of the new, improved you.

If you find the site too chalant and need something more pervasive to kick in the rear, there’s also, which will send you a brilliantly scheduled nagging info on time intervals you create on your own. Whether you need a daily e-mail to “call mom” or a bi-monthly reminder to clean out your car, Hassleme can serve as that nagging but necessary nudge in the direction.