Recounting the reasons for hating winter

Recounting the reasons for hating winter

by Drew RiebhoffFlipSide Editor

I’ve always considered myself a lover, not a fighter. I’ve always been one of the kids who got along with everyone and didn’t waste my time hating. However, I must admit that I have had a few hates in my life–poor fashion taste, people who are completely incompetent, my psychotic high school Spanish teacher, and most of all, winter.

Ever since I can remember, I haven’t been a fan of winter. You could possibly blame it on the fact I lived in California the first five years of my life and beautiful, warm, sunny weather won my heart early on. No matter the reason, I think winter sucks. Here is why.

For starters, snow isn’t sexy. “Baywatch” for example, where the lifeguards have golden tans, sculpted bodies and beautiful faces takes place on a beach in the summer, where it’s warm, sunny and beautiful. Shows like “The OC” and “Laguna Beach” where kids sit on the beach having bonfires and drinking, while being gorgeous and fabulous are two more prime examples.

No one wants to see a show where people run around bundled up in winter parkas, hats and gloves, that’s just not attractive. Also, last time I checked, people don’t daydream about walks in the snow, trying not to freeze to death or getting lost in blizzard winds. Instead, people fantacize about long walks on the beach and sitting in the sand while the sun sets.

Another reason snow sucks is because it causes wrecks and people to go into ditches. You never hear of someone getting in a wreck or sliding into the ditch in the summer because there’s too much sun on the road. Also, commuting times can sometimes be doubled thanks to crappy weather, with having to scrape off the inch of ice that will accumulate on your window, plus having to drive 40 in places you usually can drive 60, but can’t because sludge and snow are everywhere.

Same with sidewalks. If they aren’t shoveled, snow gets in your shoes, soaking your socks, making you feet cold and then you’re uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

Winter causes all sorts of issues when it comes to fashion. First off, you have to bundle up and, instead of wearing just a T-shirt and jeans or polo, you have to add on a sweatshirt, coat, hat, scarf and gloves, causing you to become puffy and uncomfortable, only to arrive at your desired campus destination five minutes later to tear off your five layers, so you don’t roast in class. Also, most of the time, winter coats aren’t fashionable and clash with what you wear. Stocking caps mess up your hair, leading to the ultimate decision of freezing for fashion or being warm but not looking quite as good.

The cold makes people miserable and bitter too. When you think of happy times and cheeriness it’s associated with sunshine and rainbows. Both are things you find in the summer and spring and warmth. Not the bitter freezing,grey cold days of winter.

I can’t tell you how many days I wake up feeling grumpy and moody because of the weather. I know that before I go to class I have to put on my 10 layers and then trudge through the snow and bend down so the snow doesn’t blow in my face while freezing my hands off.

If I have to drive, I have to go outside and warm up my car, so when I get in it I don’t feel like I’m sitting in an icebox. All this uncomfortable freezing and extra work makes even the happiest person bitter.

Can we talk about moody? This winter, for example, has been moodier than,excuse the stereotype. One day it’s snowing 10 plus inches, the next its 40 degrees and I’m wearing a sweater and jeans, followed by a day where its -5 degrees. Seriously, just give me a constant something, even if its snow, then at least I don’t get my hopes up.

So, winter is pointless. The only good thing that comes from it is my birthday and Christmas. The only thing winter brings is non-sexiness, bad moods, crappy roads and poor fashion. Yeah, I know its not good to hate, but when something sucks as bad as winter, I think I’m allowed to.