Floridian stays busy in Iowa

Floridian stays busy in Iowa

by Chelsie TownStaff Writer

Many students may recognize freshman Greg Rhoulhac from the Simpson commercial that came out this summer. Others may have seen him rushing around campus going from activity to activity.

Rhoulhac has quite the list of campus involvement. He is a Carver Fellow, student ambassador, a member of the football team, RHA, First Year Council, math club, FCA, CAB and cornerstone. Rhoulhac is also a volunteer for the new Sexual Assault Response Advocate program on campus.

“It is hard on a small campus for those who have been affected by sexual assault to speak out, advocates are here to give confidential help and support to whoever needs it,” Rhoulhac said. “I want to be a man who speaks up and raises awareness about this issue.”

With majors in physics and math, Rhoulhac plans to further his education by getting his masters at Iowa State in engineering.

“I was excited because Simpson has a four year-two year transfer program with Iowa State,” Rhoulhac said. “I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to experience both schools.”

Although Rhoulhac may live a busy lifestyle between school, an internship at Pioneer, Bible study, sports and other activities, he is continuing to taking advantage of all the opportunities that Simpson is able to offer him.

“I’ve learned networking is key,” Rhoulhac said. “I would encourage anyone on campus to get involved in something they are passionate about, you will always enjoy the time you spend doing it.”

Rhoulhac loves the comfort of Simpson’s small town atmosphere, and while getting involved has not been a problem, being away from his home and family in Miami, Florida, has not always been easy.

“It’s not that I get homesick, but with all my siblings going to school in Florida, I really miss out on the simple family events that others may take for granted.”

Rhoulhac is learning a great deal about himself through Simpson College.

“I have a very gregarious personality and I love interacting with people, and what better way to do that than getting involved as much as possible?” Rhoulac said. “It has been amazing to have the opportunity to find things I care about and donate my time to those causes.”