Native Iowan balances volunteering, athletics

Native Iowan balances volunteering, athletics

by Chelsea TownStaff Writer

Coming from the small town of Wilton, Iowa, sophomore Kortney Proctor instantly knew she would love the home-like feel of Simpson’s campus.

“The second I stepped on campus I knew this was the place I needed to go,” Proctor said. “Being a softball player, the coaches made me feel like this was the program that I needed to be a part of and the Educational Department was very respectable.”

Proctor is an elementary education major with endorsements in early childhood and reading. Her activities include softball, Big Brothers/Big Sisters Haven Club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

In her first couple weeks at Simpson, Proctor quickly realized the importance of building strong support systems.

“It was a little hard for me to adjust from being away from home, but with the support of my friends, family and teammates, the transition came pretty easily,” Proctor said.

Proctor realizes the value of support and strives to give guidance to those who are in need. With her participation in Haven Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters, Proctor helps children in the community.

“I find an extreme satisfaction seeing that I have made a difference in someone’s life,” Proctor said. “These programs are full of kids that just need someone to have a conversation with or look up to. These experiences have been very powerful and moving.”

Proctor wants to take all her experiences in volunteering to better her future classroom. Her plans include teaching somewhere overseas or in an inner city school, with traveling at the top of her list.

Since childhood, Proctor has always been taught to aim high.

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way,” Proctor said.

This quote not only applies to Proctor’s softball career, but in her daily life as well.

“My parents always instilled in me to reach for the stars and never let anything get in my way,” Proctor said. “Whenever I’m having a rough day and the fear of failure enters my head, I think of this quote and it makes me push myself to succeed.”