Our View

by Our View

A big round of applause to the senior gift committee, thinking out of the box and using the “senior gift” to really give back.

After the tragic accident experienced by Erika Amfahr a little over a year ago, the campus was just not the same. Making it a little easier for Amfahr to come back to campus through a scholarship is a great idea.

In the past, seniors have given physical gifts to the campus, everything from treadmills to the benches we see around campus. There’s nothing wrong with those kinds of gifts by any means. The idea for a scholarship was just a step outside of the box-a step in the right direction.

This type of gift is one that won’t age. It’s a gift of education to a wonderful individual that Simpson is lucky to have.

Afterall, seniors. what’s $50 tacked on your student loans-you have a year to pay the pledge off!

We encourage all the seniors to step up and give to this wonderful cause. This is a gift for a classmate and a friend. We may have one less bench to sit on between classes, but this is a gift that will keep on giving-an education.