5 Questions with Jackie Crawford

Jackie Crawford, professor of education, licensure officer and interim co-chair of the Education Department, has been working at Simpson for 23 years. Beginning this summer, she will again serve as the chair for the department. She was previously the chair of the department for seven years starting in 1996.

“I did take a one-year sabbatical and one-year leave of absence to work at the Iowa Department of Education [from 2003 to 2005] where I was responsible for setting policy, providing technical assistance and evaluating the 32 Iowa colleges and universities that offer teacher and administrator preparation programs,” Crawford said.

Crawford’s current position is not her first time at Simpson–she is also an alumnus.

“The opportunity to return here and work with my former professors was very exciting,” Crawford said. “People at Simpson, across the board, are passionate about the college and their work.”

Crawford likes just about everything about Simpson including the people, students, colleagues, the beautiful campus and even the food.

Crawford is married to another Simpson faculty member, Professor of History Bill Friedricks. The two live in West Des Moines with their two daughters, Sarah, 16 and Emily,15, who attend Valley High School. They also have a golden retriever, Jake, and two pet frogs.

Whenever Crawford has any free time, she enjoys being with her family. She also enjoys reading, going to movies, swimming and riding horses.

Crawford has a few goals for the rest of the year.

“In addition to my classes and committee work, I’m planning to meet with faculty, area teachers and administrators and students to get input on some possible changes in our program,” Crawford said. “I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to get back into regular shoes and go for a long walk since I broke my foot in October.”