Our View

by Our View

Last week’s faculty meeting showed a group of educators engaged in a meaningful discussion, revealing an array of opinions on the various aspects of the controversial LPWG draft.

Parts of the proposal include decreasing the number of required May Terms and transitioning the entire structure of how class credits and course loads are measured.

The dialogue among faculty members at the meeting shows a group of instructors with varying ideas for the path Simpson’s curriculum should be on. While this diversity in ideas is helpful in having an institution where a varying group of thoughts can be taught and exchanged, it also shows the faculty has a long way to go before the complex set of proposals in the LPWG draft can be agreed on in a manner that makes even a majority of the instructors feel at ease with the school’s educational mission. As students, we’re hoping that this “middle ground” can be achieved in favor of a stalemate over the more controversial LPWG aspects.

Students have been concerned about these ideas with varying degrees of comprehension.

Kudos to the LPWG members who arranged for the boards displayed in the BSC and library. The information presented as well as the opportunities for questions and answers between faculty and students were helpful steps in moving the LPWG further in its understanding.