Swim team, club grow in membership

by Brad VanEatonStaff Writer

With the fall sports coming to an end and the indoor sports beginning, it’s time to start the swim season. While being the newest athletic program here at Simpson, the swim team is growing faster than all of the rest.

With a new head coach and the number of swimmers increasing greatly from the past seasons, the team is hoping to work themselves into having a successful year.

Head Coach Aaron Strain was given the duties of leading the team this season after being a volunteer assistant last year, and is intent on building a competitive team here at Simpson. By bringing as many athletes onto the campus as possible during the offseason, Strain feels the team should continue to grow in numbers because of campus recruits for itself.

“As far as this season’s expectations go, the only thing that I expect is that we work hard, everyday, every lap,” Strain said. “Meets are not won on race day, they are won in the weeks and months that lead up to them. We win races in January and February with our effort today. If we show up, race hard and beat some people, I will label this season a success.”

The training at the beginning of the season consisted of the athletes swimming 4,000 to 5,000 meters each day, and over the past few weeks, the swimmers have swam close to 9,000 meters a day.

With the rigid training set forth by Strain, the team looks to be extremely competitive in the conference this season. The main strength for the women’s swim team this year is their large numbers, which are the largest in the short history of the program. While not all of the women have the competitive edge gained through experience, they have the hard-working attitude that will help the team achieve its goals for the season.

“Everyone is working really hard, committing to practice and weight lifting in order for us to have an outstanding season,” senior Kirsten Towne said. “Coach is completely committed and is always pushing us to improve ourselves individually and work as a team.”

While the men’s club team is not an actual Simpson College athletic program, they are treated the same way as the women’s team at practices and meets.

“We go to the same meets,” Strain said. “They swim the same event order. They work out together. They are scored the same at our championship meet. I look forward to growing our men’s program into a varsity sport over the next year or two.”

The swimmers have a meet coming up on Nov. 15 at Morningside College in Sioux City and they are expecting to swim extremely well. Several are hoping to swim faster than ever before and possibly set school records.

“We are working extremely hard and we know this will pay off with great times and records throughout the season,” senior captain Kendra Frush said.