The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm

by Robbie LehmanStaff Writer

The debate of the Heisman Trophy, the award given to the “best player” in college football, is always a central topic throughout the season. It picks up steam in the second half, as teams and individuals distance themselves from the rest of the pack.

However, there’s one debate concerning the Heisman that doesn’t get enough attention, and it stems from a lack of a clear definition for the award.

Does the Heisman simply go to the most outstanding player with the best statistics over the season? Or does it go to the player who is the most valuable to his team during its season? These are two very different definitions, and college football fans need an answer. Is it MOP or MVP?

Sure, the quarterback of a No. 1 team with gaudy stats seems like a safe bet. But chances are, multiple players could carry that team, otherwise they wouldn’t be No. 1. The relationship of a Heisman contender and his team has forever been linked, which backs up the case for MVP. There have only been 12 Heisman winners from teams with three losses or more. The most recent: last year’s winner Tim Tebow played for 10-3 Florida. Tebow carried a team that didn’t have much else.

The Iowa Hawkeyes are 5-3 thus far in 2008, but may very well be winless if it wasn’t for junior tailback Shonn Greene. He is the most valuable player to his team in America right now. He has been the Hawkeye’s main source of offense this season, and that’s being polite. currently ranks Greene 12th in the Heisman race according to their weekly expert’s poll. He is third in the nation with 1,154 rushing yards and No. 1 in yards-per-carry at 6.52. He has gone over 100 yards in all eight games and has not fumbled once all year. He has been a rock of consistency on a team that has been desperately searching for it.

Greene is certainly a dark horse in the Heisman race of 2008. He plays for a mediocre team in a weak conference. But he is the most valuable player in the nation, and without him, Iowa would be struggling to win games.

The Heisman Trophy should be awarded to the player who is most valuable to their team. If not, the NCAA needs to clearly define what the award symbolizes.