He Said…She Said

He Said...She Said

Dear Drew and Emily,

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a month, and she seems to be hinting that the anniversary is coming up. I know that girls like to celebrate anniversaries, and since we just started dating, I don’t want to screw anything up. But do I really have to get her a gift after one month?

Sincerely, Anniversary Andy

He Said…

Unfortunately, “Mean Girls” has no sort of advice on a situation like this, so I’m left to give you my own advice.

I’m going to say, “No way Jose,” on the gift idea. For starters, it’s only been one month. That means nothing.

Buying her a gift now opens a big can of worms you don’t want to deal with.

It starts with more gifts. She wants a present for passing her test or when she gets a new outfit. Then she wants to start getting matching outfits and picking out your clothes.

After that you’re getting some sort of pet together, like a fish or dog. Then before you know it, you’re 20 years old and engaged in college. Plus, it gives her control and power. She’s going to think that she can ask for whatever she wants, and you’ll give in. If you let that happen, who knows where things could end up.

Even if it doesn’t progress that far, the fact that she wants a present this early in the game makes me wonder what else she demands. It sounds like she’s a bit high maintenance.

Does she need to see you everyday? Do you have to call her right before she goes to bed? Do you skip hanging out with the guys on the weekend because she needs to go shopping?

Is this something you really want right now?

So my advice is to say “NO,” not only to the gift, but the relationship as a whole. Really, who wants to have a serious relationship in college anyway? These are the days where we are allowed to have fun, get drunk and make mistakes. Relationships tend to squash those opportunities.

So go ahead and give her a gift. Give her the gift of single life. You’ll both rake in the rewards in the end.

She Said…

Well, the first question I have for you is, “Was she dressed as a Gold Digger for Halloween?”

I mean sure, the one-month mark is a big deal for all the serial-daters out there, but a present isn’t exactly warranted until at least the six-month mark. Let me put it into perspective for you. At one month, are you even sure what she likes yet? And if you get her a present for the one-month anniversary, what about the two-month, three-month, etc.? That sort of thing could add up quicker than a bar tab at Mojo’s!

In a different light, just because she’s hinting at the arrival of your one-month anniversary mark doesn’t necessarily mean she’s hinting at a present. It could just be that one month is the longest she’s ever lasted in a relationship, and she wants you to realize how special that is for her. And making the day special doesn’t have to mean buying her a gift.

For example, the two of you could spend the day together being bums on the couch cuddling up to your movie genre of choice. Or how about presenting her with a homemade card alongside your favorite worn-in t-shirt? In my opinion, the most memorable gifts are the ones that come from the heart – usually costing no more than a little imagination mixed with a lotta love.

That being said, if you feel the need to commemorate the occasion with a present, then save your cash and go for something small and thoughtful. You wouldn’t want to set the bar at an unreachable height the first month into the relationship, would you? If you would, and showering your girlfriend with gifts every month is the way you roll, then by all means, spoil her! And if this girlfriend doesn’t work out, come see me. I currently have a single roommate that would love to have her very own sugar daddy.