FlipSide Face- Tim McMillin

FlipSide Face- Tim McMillin

by Meridith SaylerStaff Writer

Tim McMillin, director of choral activities, is known on campus for his passion for music, his love for life and his impeccable style.

McMillin received his bachelor of music from Simpson College, a master of arts in music education with a choral emphasis from University of St. Thomas in St. Paul and is currently finishing up his doctorate from Michigan State.

McMillin, who has been at Simpson since fall 2004, says that his favorite part about being at Simpson are his talented students.

“Simpson’s music students are phenomenally gifted,” McMillin said. “I’m spoiled to have the voices and man power to do anything.”

Many of McMillin’s students, such as senior Erik Lickiss, have an equal admiration for McMillin.

“He is very intelligent as a musician and gets students out of their daily routine by his enthusiastic approach and passion of music at Simpson,” Lickiss said.

When McMillin isn’t teaching or conducting, he loves to travel both internationally and domestically. He can also frequently be found with one of his closest friends, his Italian greyhound Guido.

Even when McMillin is away from campus, the music never stops.

“When I’m not at Simpson I still enjoy music, either singing, directing or working in civic and chorale groups,” said McMillin.

McMillin says he’s already doing his dream job.

“This would be it, this is what I love doing,” McMillin said.

McMillin takes great pride in his choirs and students.

“He is very open and welcoming to prospective and active students alike,” Lickiss said. “He is doing anything and everything he can to put Simpson on the map.”

It’s apparent that McMillin’s love for what he does radiates to his students.

“I’ve had him for most of my years here and I think that he is a very intelligent, hardworking man that puts fun into music,” senior Grant Lavrenz said. “He always brings a positive attitude, not to mention some pretty sweet shirts, and if he wanted to give them to me I wouldn’t resist.”

McMillin’s students not only have a positive impression of him in the classroom, but they also enjoy seeing him outside the classroom.

“I like that he is always extremely happy to see you,” freshman Cierra Stark said. “If you’re having a bad day, he’ll crack a joke and make your day.”

McMillin is undecided on his favorite performance at Simpson.

“Every one is my favorite after the next,” McMillin said.

He insists that at the completion of every performance it becomes his favorite, at least until the next performance. McMillin’s next favorite performance will be tonight when his choir performs at the Carver Lecture in front of Simon Estes.

The culmination for McMillin usually comes at the final spring performance for the choir, after they return to campus from a 12-performance regional tour. This year’s choir season will conclude with a concert on campus on March 29 at 2:30 p.m.