He Said/She Said

He Said/She Said

Dear Drew and Meridith,

“My boyfriend and I are planning a spring break trip, but we can’t decide were to go. I want to go somewhere warm, just the two of us, where there’s a beach and it will be romantic. He wants to go somewhere with mountains where he and his friends can go snowboarding. How do we compromise?”

He Said…

You essentially have two options to choose from in solving this spring break dilemma.

First, you could crack that pussy whip of yours and let your boyfriend know that if he plans on getting laid at all during spring break, then he should probably decide that a trip to some sunny beach with just the two of you is a perfect idea. Even though I see the beach as more of a fun and sexy trip rather than a nice romantic getaway, I think this option is better than you tagging along with him and his friends to the slopes. Why?

If you give in and decide that going snowboarding with your beau and a bunch of his friends is a good idea, you could crash some serious bromance, which is no fun for anyone.

He’s going to want to take it easy – hit the slopes, get drunk and that’s it. But if you tag-a-long, you could become that needy, whiney girlfriend which will not only annoy his friends, but him as well. He would also piss you off because he’s paying attention to them, not you, and then everyone gets mad and your relationship faces peril.

I do warn you, however, that having your boyfriend come to the beach could lead to some issues with wandering eyes. Let’s get real, it’s spring break on the beach.

The other option is that you part ways for spring break. Let him have his fun with his friends snowboarding, because chances are there will be no bikini-clad girls while skiing and he’ll be more worried about showing up his buds and doing beer bongs than checking out local hotties. You also don’t have to worry about getting in the way and being annoying.

You could escape to the beach with your girlfriends and drink your cute little drinks and not have to worry about competing with the bronze goddess two towels over who has a nice D chest.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that spring break is supposed to be more about getting drunk, having fun and making mistakes. It’s not about building a wholesome relationship.

She Said…

I’m not really sure why you would be interested in compromising, it doesn’t sound like either of you are interested in what the other would like to be doing over spring break.

There are lots of things that you pointed out that you want and what he wants, take those into consideration. You want sun, sand, surf, swimsuits, romance and him. He wants snow, mountains, cold, you AND his friends.

If you compromise on your side you are going to end up dressed in 18 layers and freezing, sitting in the ski lodge drinking hot chocolate, while he spends the week with his boys. The closest thing to romance that you are going to get this spring break is a Nicholas Sparks novel and an ultimate fighting marathon, as you smile and wave to him and his friends as they head out to the bar.

On the other hand, if he compromises and goes to the beach with you, you better be prepared for some off-handed I wish I was with my friends snowboarding and not with you comments. There is a potential that you will not get the romance that you want, but at least you’d be guaranteed the sun, sand and surf.

If hanging with him and his friends is something that you like to do, I think that you should go with him. Just lay down some ground rules that will guarantee at least a little alone time without the joy of sharing him with his closest friends.

If getting a tan and out of Iowa’s winter weather sounds better, either convince him that it will be worth his time and a week away from his friends or find someone else to go with. I would suggest you grab a group of your friends and head to the beach; maybe a weekend with the girls, Jose, Jack, Jim and the Captain would be good for your relationship. A week away from you and he will be begging you for that romantic trip that you wanted all along.