Procrastination Nation

by Checlee CheersStaff Writer

If homework is brain boggling and the new Facebook applications are less than fascinating, try pushing back the papers for a little one-on-one time with yourself. It may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

If you have some high quality pictures from last weekend’s unflattering festivities and the word ‘priceless’ comes to mind upon first glance, morph your mug at You can place your head on someone else’s body and put those party pictures to good use.

Not only will it bring you enjoyment to see yourself snuggling up to McDreamy or flying on a carpet with Aladdin, it will also bring a smile to your face to see your best friend as Chuck Norris.

Have more time to spend? Make a family photo of you and your relatives as Teletubbies. Change your friend’s beloved photo of him and his girlfriend to one of them as Peter and Lois Griffith and casually slip it into the frame on his desk.

If that pile of homework still looms over your head after all of this, however, step back and think. Who has made you mad in the past few weeks? Has your boss at work yelled at you one too many times for stocking shelves too slowly? Did you work for hours on that project, only to receive a C+? Get your revenge secretly by placing their face in a compromising scenario. Just don’t blame us when it accidentally gets sent on the student listserv.Procrastinating Potential:

Two hours. In that time, you could:

* Dress up as cupid and shoot arrows in the BSC.

* Become a singing telegram performer.

* Separate your recycling.

* Complete your Writing Competency II.

* Write a letter to President Obama.

* Drive to Ames and back.